Subsidy Consultancy

In a vastly competitive and fragile scenario of a Industry’s infancy period if their projects can avail the enormous and very encouraging benefits from the central as well as state governments in the form of grants and subsidies, it paves the way ahead with definite smooth transition into industry’s maturity.  We are a prominent & recognized name in the Govt. subsidy consultancy segment. We provide subsidies consultancy services to all our prominent clients covering entire Rajasthan state & pan India market. We facilitate them in designing their project in such a wholesome approach that their projects become exceedingly favorable from the scratch. We have expertise in the Agro & Food processing sector project subsides.

An indicative list of eligible sectors for availing Govt. Subsidies:

  1. Agro based & Allied sector Industry
    • Cotton Ginning
    • Guar Gum Processing & powder
    • Oil Mills (including solvent Plant)
    • Grains Cleaning & Sorting
    • Spices Cleaning & Sorting
  1. Food Processing Industry
    • Processing of all types of fruits & vegetables
    • Manufacturing of FMCG products
    • Dairy processing and more
  1. Cold Storage Project
  2. Warehouse Project
  3. Textile Industry
  4. Handicraft Industry
  5. Steel Industry
  6. Mining / Stone Industry
  7. Housing sector and more